Expected results

©AIRBUS 2017 - Photo by S. Ramadier

FALCON aims to develop high-performance, predictive and multi-disciplinary tools for fluid-structure interaction in aeronautics, to reduce the aeroacoustics and aeroelastic instabilities using multi-fidelity optimization.

To meet its primary goal, the project will follow the expected results described below :

  • Hybrid experimental/numerical database on a reference set of industrial test cases.
  • Tools and frameworks that simplify the use of coupled Lattice Boltzmann Method methods with finite-element method and the use of Lattice Boltzmann Method-based fluid-structure interaction monolithic solver on state-of- the-art high-performance computing systems.
  • Predictive and cost-efficient fluid-structure numerical frameworks.
  • Control strategies focusing on fluid-structure interaction instabilities based on high-fidelity approaches and surrogate models.
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