Work plan

FALCON is built on 6 Work Packages, each of them is designed to maximize the expected results.

The cornerstone of the FALCON methodology is to consider a set of academic test cases to validate one-by-one the numerical and modelling challenges raised by fluid-structure interaction in realistic conditions.

To upscale the actual design capabilities of the aeronautics industry, FALCON addresses open key-problems involving fluid-structure interaction phenomena to reduce noise and improve sustainability, based on a conceptual methodology built on four pillars: MEASURE, SIMULATE, BOOST, OPTIMIZE.

WP 1

Project Management & coordination

WP 2

High-Fidelity Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations

WP 3

Fluid-Structure Interaction Benchmark Experiments

WP 4

Sensitivity, Low-fidelity Modelling & Optimization

WP 5

High Performance Computing Platforms and Services

WP 6

Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation
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